Nottingham’s hidden cafe gems


Nottingham has an incredible selection of cafes throughout the city, so we thought we would narrow down the overwhelming options for you all and give you a run down on some of our favourite cafes, as written by the students who have experienced them!

Hungry Pumpkin, reviewed by Jack Thompson, Photography Year 2.

Hungry Pumpkin is a small café situated in Hockley near Nottingham Contemporary. Although the café is tucked out of the busy centre of Nottingham, it’s still very popular with both students and the general public. The café has a wide selection of food choices – from full English breakfasts to vegetarian meals and even some vegan alternatives, the café caters for all. I’ve been numerous times and I’d recommend getting the full English breakfast as its not only affordable for us students but, it’s an all day breakfast too! Also they serve a range of drinks and desserts that you can buy, and from personal preference the chilled fruit drinks are some of the best refreshments they have to offer.


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200 Degrees Café, reviewed by Dawid Rostek, Photography Year 2.

200 Degrees Café is located in 2 places in Nottingham; the first and bigger coffee store is on the Flying Horse Walk, right off the Lace Market square. Whereas the other, smaller version is based right next to the train station.

This great café is a perfect place to come and enjoy some of the best coffee in the city. The old fashioned style interior, which still has a modern touch, is a great place to meet your friends and enjoy a good conversation. It’s also a great place to do some uni work as the local provides free wi-fi. The 200 Degrees coffee shop also provides sandwiches, cakes and snacks that you can enjoy with your drink.



Toast, reviewed by Polly Evans, Photography year 2.

Toast is a café/deli situated on Derby Road, and although it is a little walk out of the city centre, it’s well worth it. It is open from 8am to 3pm Tuesday to Sunday which means it is mostly popular for its breakfast and brunch menu. I went to pay it a visit this week just before lunchtime and was surprised to see how many people popped in and out in the time I was there. It has a real community feel to the place, and together with the fact it supports other local retailers by selling their produce, it makes for an independent café worth supporting.

Now, down to the bit you really want to know about… the food. The breakfast menu ranges from £2.50 for pastries to around £6 for the full monty. On a student budget this may not be ideal, however this is no Wetherspoon’s breakfast – everything is made with fresh ingredients and the menu even caters for vegan and gluten free options. One Facebook reviewer even dubbed it ‘the best cooked breakfast I’ve ever had’. I can certainly vouch that the food is worth the extra little bit. On my visit this week I went for a coffee and an almond croissant. It was everything Mary Berry would want a pastry to be – crispy, buttery and definitely no soggy bottoms. Would I go again? 100%.


Hartley’s, reviewed by Lucy Holland, Photography Year 2.

Hartley’s coffee shop is located on Carlton Street, Nottingham. It’s a family run cafe with plenty of seating both in and outdoors. And the famous Hartley’s cow is even a Pokemon stop!

The cafe has a great relaxing feel to it and a very homely vibe. Food-wise there are plenty of options that will please everyone – they even have vegan and vegetarian options available! From breakfast and brunch, to sandwiches and baguettes there’s something for everyone to enjoy! I had the hummus, roasted veg, and sundried tomato baguette which was absolutely delicious and perfect on a hot day! All in all I would definitely recommend Hartley’s as a lovely cafe in Nottingham city centre.



The Nottingham Doughnut Company, reviewed by Jess Buxton, English and Media Year 2 and photographed by Leah Wareham Photography Year 2.
Hidden at the bottom of a staircase, situated at 26A Long Row West of Nottingham’s Old Market Square, is a treasure chest full of doughnut gems that are beyond your wildest dreams. You will soon realise why The Nottingham Doughnut Company has taken Nottingham and its surrounding areas by storm as you enter the small and cosy cafe, with rows and rows of gooey, delicious creations lined up inside the glass counter. Try Nottingham Mars, Red Velvet or Golden Peanut Butter & Jelly for a real insight into these doughnut masterpieces. Recently the company have been creating lots of vegan options, including Oreo doughnuts, blueberry fritters and cinnamon scrolls (which means there really is something for everyone!) If anything, you will definitely be spoilt for choice – this place is a must for every fresher in Nottingham!