All that glitters

We try on the new season shiny things in Topshop so you don’t have to! 

Sequins, foils, and velvets dominated the runway across a variety of AW16/17 catwalk shows. Who can forget the Ashish AW16/17 collection that gave us a Crayola box of monochrome, wonderfully gaudy sequins, and big, beautiful afros?


Now, I know what you’re thinking, and I know you’re thinking it in your best sarcastic Miranda Priestly voice – “Metallics. For Winter. Groundbreaking.” – and I know, the metallic rhetoric reoccurs every winter for the party season. Hasn’t that  horse been beaten to death by now? The answer is no, I don’t think so. So many designers offered a fresh and exciting take on the trend. Whether it was through their choice of material or the unexpected combinations of references, They all still managed to reignite my love for all things shiny. Alberta Ferretti’s collection offered us a hyper-feminine new romantic twist on the trend, with fabrics such as silk, velvet, and lace featuring predominantly.


The Foil Crop Jumper
A cropped jumper is a short girls’ best friend. Being vertically challenged myself, I had high hopes for this foil knit beauty, but I can’t say I was impressed. The jumper felt uncomfortably frumpy, the sleeves were far too long and on me, and what may well have been cropped on your average sized human was not on me. I think the noteworthy redeeming quality of this jumper is the intense silver foil material, which would definitely make you stand out in a crowd. In this jumper, however, I would feel like I was standing out for all the wrong reasons. If you’re blessed with a lengthier torso than I, I’m sure this knit would look killer with your favourite pair of mom jeans and some simple trainers to let the jumper be the focal point of your outfit.


The Polka Dot Jumper
Now THIS is a jumper I can get behind. It is so incredibly attention seeking already – the thick lurex material catches the light beautifully – but by adding giant navy polka dots, Topshop really are spoiling us. During the winter months my colour pallet shrinks to predominantly black and navy, so the addition of this sparkly little number would jazz up even the most basic of outfits. For the perfect 9am lecture hangover outfit, pair with velvet leggings, chunky DMs, and a large pair of headphones for shutting out the world while you stumble to class.


The 90’s Slip Dress
Being a hardcore Clueless fan and a lover of 90s fashions, this dress spoke to me on a spiritual level. The 90s slip dress is a huge trend right now and the leather spaghetti straps made this one stand out from the rest available on the high street. Unfortunately, I accidentally picked up a size 8 instead of a 12 and only realised when trying to squeeze into it felt like trying to force toothpaste back into its tube. Somehow I got it on and off without damaging the dress or myself. Although it was most definitely too small, I’m sure if I had found the right size I would have fallen in love. Wear with a choker and fluffy heeled sandals for ultimate 90s spoiled brat vibes.


The Metallic Jeans
Let’s collectively take a moment to appreciate how achingly cool these jeans are, before I slate their whole existence. Boyfriend jeans are cool. Distressed knee rips are cool. Holographic oil slick ombre? Now that’s cool. It’s a shame that when I wear these, it looks as if I’m wearing an adult nappy underneath. If there is one item of clothing I know to avoid like the plague, it is the Topshop jean. They are severely unaccommodating for the fuller thigh, meaning I’d have to go one or two sizes bigger in order to still retain healthy blood circulation in my legs. I tried them on out of curiosity, to see if Topshop may have adapted the fit since I’d last tried on their jeans. As you can see from my “WTF?” pose in the first photo, I was less than impressed. In fact, I was actually quite saddened. It’s clear that Topshop are great at designing clothes for tall, slim people, but not for everyone else. To me, that reiterates the ideology that only those body types deserve to enjoy fashion. Trying these on brought back the feelings of exclusion and worthlessness I had when I was a teenager, miserably drifting from shop to shop, desperately trying to find something I felt good in. It would be unfair, to say the least for me to blame Topshop solely for a problem that is deep-rooted in society and particularly in the fashion industry, but their ill-fitting jeans are not just jeans, they are a message. A message that goes out to the majority of the world’s population, who don’t have a supermodel body. The message can be condensed into three simple words. “Not for you”. However, if I could wear these, I would pair them with a bold motif t-shirt, a baseball cap, and white Converse trainers and embody off the cuff cool.


The Reversible Souvenir Jacket
It is said that nothing comes for free, but sometimes you get two things for the price of one. That’s almost as good, right? This jacket combines two trends that are predicted to be huge this Summer – sports luxe and traditional Japanese-inspired embroidery. Although the concept of sport – and therefore sportswear – never resonated with me, I love Japanese culture. The traditional Japanese embroidery adds an element of heritage and femininity which compliments the casual, androgynous cut of the jacket. Throw this over a pair of dungarees and slip on some sliders for a cool and casual look.

By Amber Sargent 

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BA Fashion Communication & Promotion