Boxing taster session packs punch

Nottingham Trent University's boxing society.
Nottingham Trent University's boxing society.

With over 300 students taking part, the boxing club is one of the most popular societies at Nottingham Trent University. FEDERICO CORNETTO entered the lion’s den for a taster day to see why the society is so popular.

The beginner sessions are held at Nottingham School of Black Belts Gym.


This gym is tucked away in the Lace market and, if it wasn’t for a guided ring walk from the society’s president, you wouldn’t know it existed: behind a single, small red door, it has a sort of Fight Club feel to it.

The sessions take students through the basics of boxing, fitness work and hand-work. The mix of cardio, full-body exercises and boxing technique practice makes the taster an all-round experience.

Challenging sets of press ups and push ups are followed by step and punching technique work.

However, the part that everyone looks forward to is the pad work, which is when students pair off, grab some gloves and pads and let loose.

There is a mix of abilities, with some students throwing hard punches with great form, while others are missing completely and clipping their partners.

Luckily, on Thursday no one was hurt and everyone was sweating but smiling.

After the session, Platform caught up with Evgen Grabarchuk, the club’s president.

Talking about the benefits of boxing, Evgen said: “Firstly it’s a form of self-defence, it gives you the ability to defend yourself if it comes to it.

“It’s also a great work out and most people come for the fitness.”

“We’re also very social, we go to ocean on Wednesdays and we have a boat party at the end of the year. We have loads of fun,” he added.

We loved our time with the club and decided boxing is a great sport to get involved with – we suggest you keep up with what is happening on their Facebook page, which is linked below.


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