Detonate music festival closed three hours early

One of the biggest music festivals to take place in Nottingham closed three hours early after concerns for health and safety were raised. The popular event attracted stars such as Kano, Wiley and Andy C, and had sold tickets to hundreds of fans.

Contrary to false reports of a stabbing, the official Detonate twitter account tweeted: “It’s with regret, we have to end our Nottingham show early due to a health and safety issue with one of the tents. We’re gutted”. The fence for the main stage was damaged which forced the main area to close.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said: “Health and safety concerns meant the all day event had to end three hours ahead of schedule and we were on hand to help revellers leave the site safely. No arrests were made during the day.”

Festival goer Georgia Bernard said: “We saw a lot of fights break out in and around the queue, which was scary, especially when people started screaming that someone had been stabbed. The organisers handled the situation really badly because they weren’t prepared for that many people and over sold tickets way past capacity, however the police and security were great getting everyone out safely. We weren’t really told anything that had happened to be honest. Even at the end when the music was cut off, we weren’t told why. We didn’t find out what had happened until a few hours later. The festival was shut down by around 8 and most of the headliners didn’t perform. The whole thing was a mess from the start and I wouldn’t waste my money and go again”.

Detonate have since released another statement saying: “Firstly, and most importantly, we would like to apologise to everyone for yesterday’s event being cut short, and for the problems that lead to it… We are currently working out how we can compensate people and will update very soon. Again, we sincerely apologise to everyone who attended.”

Music artist Kano said he ‘hopes to be back soon’ after these events.


By Larah Yearwood.

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