Donald Trump: The Misogyny Revelations

Donald Trump. He’s marmite, right? You either love his brash ways and ‘rebellious’ promises… Or hate his reckless comments and his glow of self-entitlement. But some of the marmite lovers have changed what they have on their toast, after the comments and revelations of Donald Trump’s misogynistic ways have come to light. And as for the marmite haters? They’re slamming Trump, and taking this breadcrumb as a way to hopefully burn his whole campaign.

So what exactly did Trump say? A 2005 video was released of him saying gentlemanly remarks to Access Hollywood host Billy Bush such as “I did try and fuck her. She was married” and  “Grab them by the pussy”.  This was all topped off by him declaring “When you’re a star…You can do anything”. And can he?

A lot of people don’t think so.

Despite protests from the Trump clan that the comments were simply “locker room talk”, accusations were made that showed that they might not have been just that. In the weeks following this revelation, numerous women who Trump had allegedly sexually harassed in the past came forward with stories backing up his misogynistic attitude. From Miss USA contestants claiming he walked into their changing room,  to a video showing him sexualising a ten year old girl. And so, Trump lost a large amount of Republican support, and faced calls to step down from the candidacy.

It was thought that this could crush Trump’s campaign. But it’s been a couple of weeks now, and the daily stories of allegations against Trump have died down. But why? It’s just one more shocking thing Trump has said. We’ll just add it to the long list. Good ol’ Trump, speaking his mind and winning the hearts of Americans who want a change.

But no. This shouldn’t be swept under the carpet. If this is the appalling attitude Trump actually has towards women now as a business tycoon, can you imagine what he will do in the White House? Abortion rights will be scraped. Rape cases will lose their credibility.  The pay gap will never, ever be equal. And for the President of the United States to think that he could just grab your wife or daughter by the pussy and do whatever he wants to them… It’s a very frightening thing, and it’s a frightening thing that people will now be voting for him with this information in mind.

What affect does this have on us though? Surely Donald Trump is miles away, and has no affect on UK politics whatsoever? Well you’re wrong. In August, you might remember Nigel Farage supporting Trump at one of his rallies. Nigel Farage, the man who captained the boat to Brexit. Nigel Farage, who also has a large amount of supporters who adore his rebellious and outspoken ways. Nigel Farage, who believes that men and women’s rights aren’t equal, and that a woman is less valuable to an employer if she takes maternity leave. This bond between the two is a dangerous one, and will only spiral into something that will breed even more backwards ideas in two of the most forward countries in the world.

So is Donald Trump a misogynist? We can all form our own opinions. But what can be said is that he should be scrutinised and taken to account for comments and actions like these. In one of the most difficult and heated presidential campaigns ever seen, something as big as this should not be let to slip. For whether you love it or hate it, the marmite that is Trump is here to stay, no matter the result.

By, Eve Smallman

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