EXPOSURE: Grace Bristo

Second year BA Hons Photography student Grace Bristo tells us about her latest work at the start of her second year.


After studying photography since GCSE it was only when I finished my Extended Diploma at college that I realised I did actually have a real passion for it. Now in my second year at Nottingham Trent University studying photography, I feel like I’ve been able to explore and expand my knowledge continuously while also having lots of fun with like-minded people. I have always been drawn to portraiture, black and white, fashion and editorial images. A lot of last year I focused on portraiture but it was mainly street photography, so when we got the opportunity this term to pick our own brief and go in whichever direction we wanted, I knew I wanted to explore both fashion and portraiture. Whilst also practically learning about portraiture we also had previously contextually studied portraiture. This helped me gain a real appreciation and understanding on how and where it all started.

Over summer I noticed myself becoming increasingly fond of grime photography, especially portraiture. I think it was the attitude portrayed by the models that grabbed my attention. I wanted to try and make my own images and see how I could make a visual idea in my head into a physical image/print. I had previously seen images taken of my model Kyle in the previous graduates degree show. So I mentally made a note of his name and later contacted him via social media. He kindly agreed to be my model and with him in mind, I was then able to decide on the styling and location.

I knew I wanted to go ‘grimy’ but I had never styled my own models before to such an extent that the main focus would be on their clothing so I felt a little bit of pressure. I looked for inspiration and created a mood board of particular poses and clothing that I felt was fitting. Kyle himself is very fashionable and was also able to guide me. This experience taught me a lot; it allowed me to develop my ways of engaging with my models and making them feel comfortable. It also allowed me to experiment with styling I would not normally lean towards and different types of camera equipment. Even though I will not be continuing with portraiture and fashion in this brief as I want to explore and branch out into something I’m not as comfortable with, I am pleased with this series of images. And that’s why I love photography, because you’re always learning and surprising yourself.


By Grace Bristo

BA Hons Photography

Model: https: //www.instagram.com/kenshin_kyle/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gracebristo/

Website: http://www.gracebristophotography.co.uk