Keep cosy with our Bonfire favourites


As the weather gets more chilly and the leaves start to fall, now is the time to get your season must haves so that you are fully prepared for Bonfire night. Bonfire night is an event that is celebrated widely across the UK, with fireworks, fair rides, hot drinks and warm doughnuts – what is not to love about this magical event?!

A warm coat is of course the most important item I will mention. A lot of coats in the fashion limelight at the moment look stunning but are just not warm enough to keep those chills away. Thankfully, this Autumn Quilted, puffer and faux fur coats are also in, so we will have no problem picking out a great warm coat to wear this Bonfire night.

Chunky jumpers are always great for this season, so it’s to no ones surprise that I suggest that you opt to wear one on Bonfire night. Keeping warm is the perfect way to enjoy yourself for even longer, so it should be your main aim whilst getting ready on the night!

Jeans are probably the world’s favourite go-to item as they can literally be worn for any occasion. Bonfire night is no different. As it will be cold, try to resist wearing any ripped jeans and go with a plain pair to stop the cold from touching your skin.

When it comes to shoes, you want to pick a comfy pair as you will probably do a lot of walking around. You also want to pick a pair that doesn’t come off too easily, nobody wants to lose their shoes on a fair ride. I’d personally opt for a pair of dark trainers or winter boots as they would both be fairly comfortable and will not get too ruined if there is any mud or rain, which is likely.

Accessorise are key to your outfit – your hat, gloves and scarf ties your outfit together so be sure to match them well. They will also protect you from getting icy hands, ears and neck, which are areas that you should always choose to cover in cold climates. This will give you a better chance of dodging the dreaded flu we all hate. Choosing a pom pom beanie hat gives your look a cute and quirky touch, whilst a thick scarf is vital for keeping your neck warm. I would opt for a pair of capped gloves, so you can keep your hands cosy whilst you enjoy some fresh warm doughnuts without making a mess.

During Autumn, I like to incorporate seasonal colours into my wardrobe. Mix plum reds, burnt oranges and khaki with neutral colours such as nude, black and whites. Nudes and plum reds are also beautiful colours to wear on your lips throughout Autumn, so be sure to rock yours on Bonfire night!

By Steph Lingi 

BA Media and Communication & Society

Insta | Blog

(From top left and across) Sleek Matte Me Lipstick in Birthday Suit – £4.99, ASOS Chunky Jumper – £25, H&M Black trainers – £24.99, Newlook Pom Pom Beanie – £9.99, ASOS Longline Quilted Coat – £65, Accessorize Capped Gloves – £12, Pimkie Black Jeans – £19.99, River Island Block Colour Scarf – £22, Collection Lipstick in Aubergine Kiss – £2.99.