Live Music Review: Jake Bugg at Rock City


It doesn’t take being a fan of him or even knowing more than a couple of his songs to be able to appreciate that Jake Bugg is an amazing, natural talent.

You will observe this even if you simply go watch him play live on a Friday night, at Rock City, without any expectation or thrill, doing it just because you heard he plays some good music and – equally importantly – he is a local.

So here’s some advice: even if you don’t know or particularly like Bugg’s music, even if country-influenced Britpop is not exactly your thing, go see him play live and you’ll find out what being an outstanding, successful musician means.

Because this guy’s popularity is not about his looks or mysterious attitude, which is a strange mixture of shyness and vanity and contributes to create atmosphere around him. It is about his voice, powerful, solid, unique; about his heartfelt lyrics that narrates of his own story and many of our stories at the same time.

Jake Bugg’s fortune is about the fact that in one hour and fifteen minutes of live music not a single uncertain passage or note was produced, that vocals were never too loud or too quiet, that everything was flowing and impeccable and that whoever was trying to play the devil’s advocate – and I believe that to be good practice for someone who writes reviews – could find absolutely nothing to pick on and was left speechless.

So we look forward to see how much bigger this spark of pure talent can keep growing, and if it may perhaps become a real star. Or is it already?

Federico Cornetto                                                                                              

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