Shooting from a different perspective


On Friday evenings at the Lee Westwood Sports Centre, in Clifton, you can hear two things: balls bouncing and wheels screeching. This is the sound of Nottingham Trent University’s (NTU) Wheel Chair Basketball Society training.

One of Nottingham Trent’s newest and pioneering sporting clubs and societies, wheel chair basketball is exactly what it says on the tin: playing basketball on wheel chairs.

Although the rules are pretty much the same, wheel chair basketball has its own unique qualities.

Extremely gruelling, fast-paced, physically exhausting and combative, the battles in the friendly games were not half hearted.

The clangs of metal-on-metal when chairs came together – challenging for the ball and setting up for lay ups – for a social session it was fully charged. Although a small club in terms of the number of its members, Wheel Chair Basketball Society are far from quiet.

It wasn’t all mini matches though, the purpose of the social session was to provide a casual atmosphere whilst developing skills needed for games.

Wheel chair basketball has a strong relationship with British Sports, with club president Jack Waring being a former GB player, and the club formed when he came to NTU.

He has been at the forefront of wheel chair basketball not only at Trent but at the Uni Of and greater Nottingham.

With chairs provided by GB Wheel Chair Basketball and a development program to help support players, wheel chair basketball has a great system in place to help grow the sport.

Talking to students they said the opportunity to try a different form of basketball was their main attraction. That coupled with the family feel of NTU basketball.

The beauty of the club is it’s one of the few sports clubs where able-bodied and disabled students play together and alongside one another, providing alternative social nights to accommodate all members.

A true champion of inclusion in sport, the club support their members of all abilities and skill levels, a true gem of Nottingham Trent Sport.

To get involved with NTU Wheel chair basketball they hold social sessions from 5.00-6.00pm on Fridays at the Lee Westwood Sports Centre. You can find out more on their Facebook page:

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