Vintage shops in Nottingham


Nottingham has a great selection of vintage shops and as a regular vintage and charity shop browser, here’s my run down on my personal favourites!

– By Leah Wareham.



Located on Carlton Street and selling both men’s and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories, Cow offers a good selection of eras at reasonable prices. If the new sports clothing trend is for you, Cow is probably the best in Nottingham for a vintage take on the vibe! It’s the most hipster of Vintage shops in Nottingham – come here for your vintage necessities, and be sure to check out their reclaimed vintage section, which has great basic styles with amazing prints if you don’t want a full on vintage look! They take vintage pieces and alter and customise them or use vintage fabrics to create new designs, particularly good for if you like a vintage pattern but are not so keen on that vintage hem length! Nottingham’s Cow has their very own Instagram, @cownottingham, it’s perfect for outfit inspiration and seeing what kind of things they have in store!

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Pelham Street’s Braderie is amazing for coats and jackets, I always seem to find really great leather jackets and patterned blanket coats in there for great prices. They offer student discount too, which is always a bonus! They sell women’s and men’s vintage and have a crackin’ range of new sunglasses, which being a sunglasses addict is something I really enjoy! There’s a good mix of new accessories with vintage clothing too! You can find Braderie on Instagram @braderievintage where you’ll meet some cool outfit ideas!

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Sue Ryder

Arguably the best charity shop in town, Sue Ryder on Hockley’s Goosegate is an amazing charity shop that identifies as a vintage shop. It always has amazing window displays and in shop displays which give you great home décor ideas. It sells everything from vintage clothing through to dressing tables and vintage fabrics. In fact, I would say that if you are an art student or just love a good print, this shop is a haven of vintage fabrics and offcuts! They quite often have a cool range of cameras as you go in through the door in a glass cabinet, definitely worth a little look, especially if you are an art and design student looking for a decent film camera of your own! Follow them over on Instagram @suerydernottingham for updates on what they have in store!

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A Records

A short walk up the hill from Victoria Centre rewards you with A Records. It has a huge selection of records, hence their shop title, however it does also stock vintage clothes, and other vintage knick knacks like glassware and an overwhelming selection of super cool badges! Look out for the stuff outside the shop, especially the £1 tat crate which usually has a few hidden gems lurking within!

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Past and Present

My all time personal favourite vintage shop in Nottingham has to be Past and Present located on Forest Road East opposite the Rock Cemetery on the corner of Mansfield Road. Just around the corner from A Records, it is a little out of the town centre but an absolute gem of a shop so worth the extra 10 minute walk up from town. Past and Present sells a broad range of eras as well as items, stocking an amazing collection of vintage glassware and ceramics through to amazing one off vintage dresses with incredible prints. Prices are also super cheap; I always manage to pick up an absolute bargain. Follow Past and Present on Instagram @pastandpresentnotts for updates on what amazing vintage finds they have in store!

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Words and photography by Leah Wareham, Deputy Photography Editor.