5 University Fashion Faux Pas


For anyone who’s been to uni, going to uni or planning to go to uni, I’m about to tell you some of the fashion crimes you’ll probably commit or already have done. When you’re packing for uni and planning out all the fabulous new clothes you’re gunna be wearing (using your grant to pay for them of course), you feel like your life is about to get reaaal stylish. Well you couldn’t be more wrong. First of all, once your first grant is gone, you’ll realise that budgeting your money is way harder than you thought it’d be. Secondly, you probably won’t leave your bed, let alone your flat for the most part of your first year at uni. Finally, your living conditions will most definitely restrict your outfit choices after the first month, because lets be real, once you’ve lived with your flatmates for a month, they know your flaws, so there’s no point trying to convince them that you are even close to perfect. They know you definitely did not wake up like that.


1. Socks with sandals
You may say you won’t ever do it now, but trust me, you will. When it’s freezing cold in your flat and you need to go into your kitchen, which believe me, will be disgustingly dirty, you too will put shoes on. Now, I know you’re probably all thinking, fine wear trainers or slippers. No. Trainers require far too much effort to put on and if you walk into your kitchen with slippers you will want to bin them after (or at least I did) because dirt gets stuck to the bottom of them. Therefore, you’ll opt for sandals, quick and easy to put on and you can’t feel a thing whilst walking about on dirty floors AKA our flat kitchen.


2. Sweats that you wear all the time
If you know me, you’ll know that I hate wearing the same thing all the time, even if I do a lot of the time (due to my lack of funds, p.s. give me money pls). Our flat kitchen constantly smells so bad, in fact, the majority of flat kitchens I’ve been in have all stunk too. I don’t know why, but lets just say we keep a few air fresheners in the kitchen at all times. This being said, me and my flatmate Lauren refuuuuuuse to wear anything we like into the kitchen as we don’t want it to stink of kitchen fumes (yes, it’s that bad). Therefore, our lives inside the flat consists of the same couple of sweats we own.


3. No makeup and messy hair
If you stay up till gone 4am like I do most nights and have to ‘wake up’ at 8am to go to a lecture you’ll decide to skip looking good for half an hour of extra sleep. Bed hair and fresh (dead) face is what you’ll be gracing everyone in that lecture hall with and I’m telling you now, after the first 3 times doing this, you’ll no longer care about what you look like anyways.


4. Chipped nails
I’ve always had that bad habit of biting my nails but recently I’ve grown them and I’m pretty proud of myself. But, as uni and life struggles pile up so does your level of stress and I tend to take it out on my nail varnish. Picking at it during early lectures trying to make it to the end without dying. Peeling it off ’cause you’re bored shitless and there’s nothing else to do. Attacking it whilst checking your bank balance meanwhile trying to not cry and praying for some kind of miracle to happen that lands you in a much more stable and satisfying financial state. Basically, get ready to paint your nails every night and buy loads of nail varnish before you go to uni ’cause you will run out.


5. Wearing too many layers that don’t even match ’cause you’re cold, tired and give up with life
At NTU, they put flyers under our doors that basically say ‘wrap up warm and turn the heating off’. Nice attempt to try and persuade a bunch of cold young adults who pay far too much for a single room on campus. The cheek of it! The joke is, even if you put your heating on it is still freezing cold, so you end up wearing layers of clothes. Oh and of course you’re not gunna waste your nice clothes on days where you barely leave your room, so yes, it’s sweats and warm pjs for you. Yeah I know, real stylish.

By Steph Lingi 

BA Media and Communication & Society

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