EXPOSURE: Jack Thompson


Second year photography student Jack Thompson tells us a little but about his work from his last project of first year.

Title of work: You Complete Me.

I’m a second year student studying photography at Nottingham Trent University. Recently I’ve been interested in working with film and is a form of photography that I find new and exciting to develop with over the course of this year and next. After university I’d like to progress into the film industry and possible studio based work and eventually I’d like to teach in colleges as a tutor after gaining some experience in the industry.

This project is from my third term of my first year at Nottingham Trent. The project was an open brief which gave me free will to choose a subject matter and a theme to base my work around. I decided on two main types of photography which where portraiture and abstract photography. Portrait photography is a passion of mine and something I enjoy to photograph. However, I found abstract photography harder to integrate into my work. All my work that I’ve made throughout my first and second year is heavily based on portraiture although it does introduce other genres of photography to allow me to create and expand my ideas when creating portraits. These images are all shot on colour film, which was a must because I was concentrating heavily on colour through the project. To give these images a stronger aesthetic side to the collection of images.


These images are part of much bigger project of around twenty-four images that all link together to form one piece of art. Each image can be interpreted differently to the next, which makes each image a stand alone as well as part of a larger picture. Also these images can be interchangeable to create other forms of one giant image as well as three or four smaller series of images. I wanted the project to be completely open to the viewer’s interpretation so that they can create their own meanings from what I have created. My images are completely reliant on the abstract and aesthetical side of photography which is something I’ve never tried before but I fell worked well in this project. Colour isn’t a common theme in my more recent work however; colour I found worked very well in these images and is definitely some of my favourite images from first year. Since starting university I’ve discovered much more about myself and the genres of photography I’m interested in and I can’t wait to see how my second year will allow me to develop my skills further as a photographer.

By Jack Thompson

BA (Hons) Photography – Year 2

Instagram: @full_name_film