EXPOSURE: Leah Wareham


Second year Deputy Photography Editor Leah Wareham tells us a little bit about her ideas and thoughts of her work.

Through my photography I explore the everyday as a subject matter and look at the beauty in the mundane. Since starting Photography at NTU I have become very interested in the documentation of the everyday and diaristic styles of working. For my final term of 1st year I explored the work of William Eggleston and Nan Goldin and focused on the documentation of my everyday life as a form of my proof of existence.untitled-1

For my second year at NTU I am looking at the emergence of colour photography within the art world and I am also still exploring how colour can transform a banal object. However, I am taking more of a personal route with my everyday documentation as I am looking specifically at my hometown and things that are nostalgic to me.

Everything I shoot is film, previously shooting mainly on 35mm colour film I am now moving onto 120mm colour film. Using film takes further my themes of nostalgia and timelessness that runs through my photography. I quite often like to take photographs that are hard to date because there are no contextual give aways to the period of time in which it was taken, using digital would automatically hint to a much more modern time frame.

This work was shot over the summer and works within my usual everyday, diaristic style. I tend to take photos of whatever jumps out to me, whether that be my friends or because I like the colour combination of a collection of sea side buckets that remind me of being a child. For me taking photographs can’t be forced, it has to feel natural and genuine.

By Leah Wareham – Deputy Photography Editor

BA (Hons) Photography – Year 2

Instagram – @leahwarehamphoto

Blog – www.leahwareham.com