Favourite Follows #1


If you’re feeling like you need some new insta-inspo for this upcoming season then look no further than Platform to be your guide for who to follow right now! We’ve put together a list of some of our current favourites for you to add something new to your feed!

Might seem a bit odd but as the new face of Dior, Asaprocky is one to watch in the fashion circuit. His instragm page is also just really cool in terms of presentation (he’s a fan of “series of 3” images) and his style is a mix of street and high fashion. Definitely worth checking out.

She’s a sartirical fashion illstrator whos drawings are not only fun and unique but hilariously true of aspects of the fashion industry and society in general. For a giggle and (ngl) some outfit inspiration (her illustrated girls have great style…sometimes!) @jooleeloren is your girl.

A russian fashion blogger whos lived in both the US & the UK, Sonya’s style is the perfect balance of girly and rock n roll with some cali vibes thrown in. Witty, thoughtful and stylish….what’s not to like?! (pardon the insta pun)

No ones feed is complete without a makeup artist, and Violette is as cool as then come. Her french laidback style is a constant theme and her halloween look as Polly Magoo was amazing! Follow for some serious sparkle and beauty inspo.

By Amy Cooper

BA Fashion Marketing & Branding

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