Gig Review: Bastille Live At The Motorpoint Arena

Bastille Live At Motorpoint Arena
Bastille Live At Motorpoint Arena

Deputy Photography Editor Leah Wareham took a visit to the Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham. Where she had witnessed Bastille’s constinously extravagant and show-stopping performance.


The first time I saw Bastille was just before their debut album Bad Blood which gave them international success, they played an intimate venue in Manchester. However although this time they played a venue that Dan himself felt overwhelmed by, the performance seemed to feel just as personal and as soul-stirring as it was the first time that I had seen the quartet.

The set list was incredible, with a mix of songs from Other People’s Heartache through to their new album Wild World. It’s admirable when bands don’t just rely on playing a full set consisting of tracks just from their new album but also perform older favourites from the fans!

Bastille Live At Motorpoint Arena
Frontman Dan

Bastille are definitely a band that give it everything on stage, it is still gob-smacking to see Dan still jump off the stage and witness him wake his way through the crowd during the song Flaws (a tradition that many Bastille fans will know about). Even though the band are now playing in huge arenas, it’s still evident from the band that they were really trying to reach everyone within the venue as they played songs at various spots in the arena and not only the central stage. At one point they even played an entire song on the top tier of the seats which was breathtaking!. This further proves just how genuine and down to earth the band still are even though they are now extremely successful – Bastille are a definite must to see live!

The Crowd At Motorpoint Arena

By Leah Wareham
Photo Credits: Leah Wareham

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