Men can belly dance too

Mondays are not normally associated with much excitement, however there is one club at NTU that turns up the heat on a Monday night.

Platform joined NTU Belly Dance, to learn more about the ancient dance, see why it attracts students, and find out if guys can hack it too.

The instructor is Tatiana Woolley; she has been working here for eight years, and in that time she has seen a number of great dancers and enthusiasts.

Tatiana says: “Belly dance allows people to be more sensual, get in touch with and express their femininity”.

Tatiana found that students can use belly dance to come out of their shells, become confident and have fun.

Students of all sizes and abilities can take part to these sessions and, even when they start off nervously, they will quickly get in-tune with the positive energy in the room.

With that in mind, and a bit of space in the class, Platform’s Ozzie Osaghae and Ola Fisayo seized the opportunity to join in. Belly dancing men are not uncommon – says Tatiana – with Britain being home to a couple world class dancers. However, it was no walk in the park for Ozzie and Ola.

Although it is an elegant dance, it is quite physically demanding too. Working abdominals, shoulder muscles, back muscles, balance and coordination, you can really work up a sweat.

Ellie Martin, a Ms Psychology student, told us that she enjoyed the session.

Ellie said: “it’s a unique skill and a great way to have fun and exercise. The club is really friendly and the instructor is great.”

Belly dance definitely won us over and continues to win students over, a great dance to try out and maybe show off on a Wednesday evening.

You can join in at the SU sports studio next to the sports desk, Mondays 6-7pm and Wednesdays 3-4pm.

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By Ola Fisayo

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