Obamanation to Abomination? Or is Trump a top choice?


A new day a new America. As the voting polls closed and the votes were being counted up, the future of Americans all across the nation was being decided, were they going to stick with the status quo or were they going to take a risk in the hope that real change may occur? The poll which summed this race up overall was put out by Fox News, who reported that 31% of voters said they had reservations about the candidate they chose, and who’s to blame them, on the one hand Trump is the type of guy to say ‘My idea about a big wall to keep Mexicans out is a good idea! Have you ever seen a Mexican in China? See! It works!’ and on the other hand a vote for Clinton would be like buying poison just because the packaging says it’s Fanta fruit twist.

Many states were very close and went right down to the wire. Florida is one of the most important swing states as it is constantly referred to as the political microcosm of America due to the fact it is so diverse in regards to age, ethnicity and race. There is a large Hispanic population in Florida, this demographic being mostly Cuban who are known for backing the Republicans, which was an important factor to swinging it in Trumps favour. Samantha, a political science student at the University of South Florida said “I voted Clinton but I don’t support her at all, I don’t support her foreign policies or her past transgressions with people of colour. But out of the two candidates she was the better choice over Trump due to the rape allegations made towards him, however what won it for Donald here in Florida is that it is becoming a more conservative state… and the fact that 100,000+ voters voted for a third party candidate which could have gone towards Hilary.“

Another key state which decided this election was North Hampshire. Historically this has been a bi-partisan State, so either candidate winning this for the republicans or the democrats is crucial to catapulting yourself into The Whitehouse. North Hampshire is known for voting for the candidate which they see as giving their citizens more liberty, and going into this Clinton had taken a loss here to Bernie Sanders in the democratic primary. It would prove again to be a battleground which Hilary lost, by a mere 15 votes, thus again proving that every vote really does count in a first past the post system. Trump went on to take many more important states such as North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin.

So what does a Trump presidency mean? People all across the world are taking it differently, Alec Swaby an International Relations student from Nottingham Trent University ‘A Trump presidency will mean more protectionist economic measures and the likelihood of current US trade deals either being scrapped or certainly re-examined and amended. Trump will certainly struggle trying to amend the current racial fault lines plaguing American society following his election campaign. On a global stance we are increasingly likely to see the death of Pax-Americana, the end of a US dominant order and possible struggles on how NATO will work. Russia, China and Iran in their regional spheres will certainly sense that a historic opportunity has emerged to expand their power and influence.’

One of the forefronts of Trumps foreign policies is that he wants a more inwards looking America, he doesn’t believe that America should project there values over the rest of the world and that they should isolate themselves, considering he is the republican party leader this is a very leftist stance, which is why he may have won many votes among people who identify with being left of centre politically. Infrastructure in America is huge problem in this moment in time too, with Trump liking it to that of the ‘third world’ he has vowed to spend $500bn, as well as proposing $137bn in tax credits for private firms willing to spend on construction, inevitably leading to job opportunities rising, however he has given no indication as to where he would get these funds.

At the same time he has also promised a wave of tax cuts, chopping the Federal corporation tax rate by more than half from 35pc to 15pc, this is the trickle down policy that he would like to implement. In theory this would work as companies would see a rise in their profits so therefore invest in their companies, leading to a progression in efficiency when it comes to production and also a rise in employment to match the increase in produce being made. However though most corporations avoid tax making this policy completely void, as the incentive of a trickle down economic plan is the fact there are more funds available to you, but if you are already achieving this through tax avoidance, then cutting the tax rate is unnecessary.

A Trump presidency isn’t going to be as catastrophic as liberals would have you believe but it also isn’t going to be as euphoric as the Alt-Right would lead you to think. A lesson is to be learnt for the elites as this is a massive warning to the establishment not to underestimate the power of the common man and woman to go out and vote in order to get change and this result is likely to make the powers that be to cater to the interests of the working/middle class and not just appease to those who are at the very top of the system.


By Haris Ali

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