The Big Moon Gig At The Bodega

The Big Moon
The Big Moon

Jess Buxton attended The Big Moon show where she went and caught up with the London four piece group at The Bodega. Discussing all things music,their tour and some promising and insighting advice .

The young girls hailing from London, The Big Moon seem more than happy to be back at The Bodega for their sixth visit. Silhouettes oozing girl power and individuality under pink strobe lights, the four-piece girl band quickly make it clear why they deserve their main act slot. “It’s Tuesday, I’ve got a fleece on… I’m really enjoying it!” exclaims Juliette the band’s lead singer and songwriter, as she breaks down the walls with the crowd after opening with recent single Silent Movie Susie, a breathless summertime soundtrack.

Their energy seems limitless throughout their set with plenty of laughter, as well as Juliette and her rock and roll pony tail bouncing all over the place. Celia and Soph’s soft and sweet vocals ring true and harmonic throughout, a perfect contrast to their powerful grungy rhythmic electric guitars getting everyone up and moving. Although drummer, Fern, is restricted to her kit she channels the same amount of groove and energy as they do in the front of the stage proving that drummers are a set’s backbone.

Cupid is one of the set’s highlights, as the crowd engage in the infectious chorus just as much as the band you can’t help but notice the energy bouncing off the walls. Another was their cover of Madonna’s Beautiful Stranger which the girls have reinvented to suite a chaotic punk vibe which was well received by the audience. Set closer and the quartet’s debut single was Sucker, a perfectly relate-able track it delivers the band’s grunge-laden sound and an iconic end to the night. These girls know how to make the crowd move.

The Big Moon
The Big Moon

Prior to the gig I had spoken to three quarters of The Big Moon (Juliette, Celia and Fern) and here’s what they had to say:

What do you get up to when you have free time on tour?

F: We went bowling yesterday.

J: it was an empty bowling alley in Sheffield called MFA Bowling because it was Monday night. It as really good and the people who worked there heard us talking about tour and once they found out we were in a band, they started treating us like  Justin Beiber and gave us loads of free presents. They gave us actual bowling pins! For decoration I guess? We also like playing a game called Slappy Ball.

How does that work?

J: You know those stress balls that are kind of squidgy?

No human parts then?

J: I didn’t even think of that, that’s how innocent we are! It’s just a squishy ball that we slap to each other, like volleyball but more gentle and with no proper rules… Or a court.

Nice! After your UK tour you’re heading to Europe and then the US, what are you most looking forward to about touring abroad?

J: I’m quite looking forward to driving across America actually. There’s four of us and our manager, Louise, so five of us hiring a big car and driving the East, then flying to the West and driving the West.

And American food, of course!

F: It’s crap! It is really nice for the first two days but after the first few days you just feel so slow and it’s not even like you can go for the healthy option.

No, you can’t get a salad!

F: If you do get a salad it’s coated with all sorts of s***

J: And wrapped in plastic, like every bit is covered in cling film. I kind of feel bad for the girls joy being able to drive.


If you could perform one of your songs forever, which one would it be?

C: Sucker. Sucker or The Road

J: Cupid. Interesting

C: Yeah, I like it.

J: I like it too!

F: I don’t know. None of those though. I think in my head, I’m trying to pick a newer one so its fresher, but, erm, TBA.


Speaking of new songs, your cover of Madonna’s Beautiful Stranger is to die for. What made you chose that song?

J: I met a guy.

It always starts starts with a guy!

J: I know! I had this amazing encounter with this guy in the woods at a festival. We didn’t know each other at all and we were walking towards each other and we made eye contact and then we just started snogging.

F: That’s only something Jules would do. She’s that person you want to act like but don’t have the balls.

J: I hadn’t don’t that ever before or since! Seriously though, something incredible happened in the universe that night and it turned out he is the best man and I’m still going out with him two years later. So yeah, I was thinking “how can I get this feeling into the set somehow, this encounter into the band” and that song was the best thing I could think of.

That’s cool! Who’s on you’re most played playlist right now?

J: We were listening to Beyonce yesterday, and Curtis Mayfied.

C: We were playing Sonic Youth today and Beach House

F: I don’t get Sonic Youth. It’s quite noisy.


If they’re who you’re listening to now, who were you listening to growing up?

F: Solidly until I was 16 it was all Irish boy bands and then from 16 on wards I kind of listened to Damien Rice who’s also Irish. Then I moved on to the acoustic, folk stuff and from there I started listening to plugged in instruments.

J: Woah, Fern goes electric!

F: I got there!

J: I’m the same, I listened to a lot of terrible pop bands until I was 16.

F: They’re your own words!

J: I really, really liked The Venga Boys and Steps, they were my favourites. And Savage Garden, things like that. But when I was a bit older I got into The Libertines and The White Stripes because I discovered guitars and I had to know more about these things!


What advice would you give to those little versions of yourselves  sat in their bedrooms listening to Damien Rice and The Libertines?

J: Continue to listen to that brilliant music!

C: Don’t let other people make you feel like this is all that there should be.

F: Don’t be scared of doing a poo at another person’s how if you need to do a poo. Old school.


Wow! Did you always know you wanted to do be in the music industry or did you have any second career choices?

J: I wanted to be an interior designer because I really liked that programme, Changing Rooms, but then I discovered guitars.

C: Did you know Laurence Llewelyn Bowen decorated the place we played at in Lemington Spa.

J: What? I remember that wallpaper.

C: I really wanted to be a farmer. I’ve still got a poster of UK and European livestock on my  wall from when i was little.

What’s on the horizon for The Big Moon in 2017? You’ve got a debut album in the making?

J: Yeah we do, we’ve made it.

F: The release date is TBC

J: We know when it is but we’re not going to tell you. I like having secrets, it’s cool. It’s going to happen and it’s going to be really good and we’re really proud of it.

Great! How long have you been working on it?

F: Since we started the band!

C: We’ve always been working towards a thing but then the recording process was very quick and it feels like all the decisions were made really quickly even though we’ve been working on it for years.

F: When you get an email that says “deadline”, it’s like ah!

C: It’s like they need to know in the next two minutes and for all four of us to agree on the track list for your album. That’s not because we’ve only had two minutes to do it, it’s because we’ve had two years to do it and but we haven’t decided yet. It gets to a point where we then really really have to decide.

J: We decided on the track list sat on a pavement outside McDonald’s. And the title too. It was a very productive ten minute meeting on the side of the road.

Sounds stressful! Lastly, is there anything you’d like to add? Any advice for students?

J: I never was a student so maybe that’s comforting that you don’t need it. But do it anyway if you want!

C: I was a student, it was one of the best times of my life and I met some really great people so, both, do it because it can be really great but if it’s not for you, don’t worry about it. Do the thing that’s right for you!

C: Yeah, you just do you, babe.

F: I studied… The end. No, but really, I did uni and I kind of liked it, I kind of didn’t and I realised that a lot of the time things might not work out for you… but you can always find positives in everything. End it there! Cut!


By Jess Buxton

Photo Credits: Chuff Media

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