This Girl Can: NTU Football kick things off


NTU and the British University and Colleges Sport have worked together to organise the This Girl Can campaign, a one-week event to celebrate women’s sports.

To start the week NTU Football put on a free women’s futsal session.

NTU wanted to create an environment that felt welcoming and causal and give people the opportunity to have a kick about and some fun. With music and trophies galore, the event championed women in sport, at all levels.

Lead by Trent’s Female Football Activator Jess Jones, 2nd year, and Futsal first team Captain Tom Edgeley, 3rd year, the session saw women from all different courses, societies and novices take part.

Jess said: “We wanted to get people who don’t usually play football to try it out or play again after not playing for ages. We also wanted to spread the word that there is more available at NTU than just the three main women’s football teams.”

She added: “We had a wide range of abilities and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, it was good to get a first team Futsal player to help out, as Futsal is possibly something these girls wouldn’t have tried before.”


Catching up with Jess towards the end of the event, we also asked why this event was important and what sport meant to her.

She explained: “Sports is a huge part of my life. It’s always been the thing I’ve excelled in, it’s always been something I have enjoyed doing and has made me who I am today.”

“With 1/3rd of kids being obese and a high percentage of females dropping out of sports from a young age I want to see a change. Sports helps so many aspects, physically and psychologically. Involvement in it would benefit all women, regardless of their talent or skills.”

By Ola Fisayo


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