Top 4 Lomography Toy Cameras


Deputy Photography Editor Leah Wareham has quite a collection of Lomography toy cameras. Here is her run down on the top 4 – and with Christmas coming up, they also make the perfect quirky gift for anyone wanting to play around with analogue cameras!



The Fisheye is a super fun little camera, perfectly suited to summery shots and beaches due to it’s funky circular framing. The camera takes 35mm film and is a good starting point for trying out toy cameras as it is fairly simple to use. I bought myself an underwater case for this camera and found the results to be really cool! As with most of Lomo’s cameras you can get them in lots of different patterns and colours, aside from the pink colour I have, I really love the classic black and silver Fisheye which you can pick up for £55.00 HERE.



img_0627Diana F Mini

This is a perfect camera for achieving that dream-like look to your images, however with this comes unpredictability. The Diana F Mini is quite unpredictable so unless you are very used to the camera and what it does don’t expect perfect sharpness and exposure. It is a very experimental little camera but nevertheless very fun to play around with! It takes 35mm film but with this camera you can do something extra special. On the body of the camera is an option to have square framing or a framing that allows two photos in one frame (shooting in the later gives you double the amount of photos, however bare in mind that they will be half the size of a normal 35mm negative frame). You can pick one up HERE for £89.00 including a flash gun.




Sprocket Rocket

This camera has to be one of the coolest cameras I own. It is a panoramic wide-angle camera and as the name of the camera suggests has the sprockets over the edges of the actual photo. You can however pop in the little plastic frame that comes with the camera do get rid of this function, however I really love the results that come with having the sprockets on my image! Like all of Lomography’s cameras they are pretty simple to use as all of the controls are labelled in a way that anyone who has never done film photography before can understand. For example, Lomo quite often use a sun or cloud drawing which you would select and match in accordance with the light that you were shooting in! You can pick a Sprocket Rocket up HERE for £69.00.





This camera, like all of the others that I have mentioned here takes 35mm film. The special thing about this camera is that it takes 8 sequential shots in one frame. This is really cool for shooting moving subjects or even if you move the camera itself to create really experimental results. I think along with the Fisheye it is one of the easiest Lomo toy cameras to use and it also gives you instant crazy toy camera effects. Get one HERE for £39.99.


Photos and words by Leah Wareham, Deputy Photography editor

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