‘A United Kingdom’ at the Broadway Cinema

This week we went down to the Broadway Cinema in Hockley to see newly released film ‘A United Kingdom’. Based on a true story, this romantic crowd pleaser is also a thought provoking tale. It follows the story of a white British woman in the 1940s and her relationship with a black man. Not just any man though, he also happens to be the future king of Botswana. After their engagement the couple move to Botswana and find news of their union has reached authorities in neighbouring South Africa, who at this time were in the process of apartheid.  Without giving to much of the film away, the couple then face many difficulties and at times it seems they may never be able to be together. The film follows their romance closely, intertwined with narrative’s of gold mining, political unrest and racism.

I personally found the film moved very fast to start with then at other points very slowly but I can see why this is necessary when trying to fit a long time frame into an hour and a half film. Even if you’re not into romantic films I would recommend seeing this, the tale of unity in political unrest rings true in todays times and will capture anyone’s attention.

The film has been released in time with the BFI’s Black Star lineup, “celebrating the range, versatility and power of black actors”. You can see it for yourself at the Broadway Cinema, (14-18 Broad Street, Hockley) until the 8th December.

Watch the trailer here..


Polly Evans | Culture and Entertainments Editor

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