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As the nights draw darker and colder, and I add more and more Bublé Christmas classics to my Spotify playlist, I can’t help but feel the festive spirit. However, my university room feels a little bare of Christmas character.

Although we are only at university until the first few weeks of December, I feel like I need to inject some seasonal energy to my room with a little decoration. Even if it is just my beloved reindeer snow globe which I dust off around this time every year.

My flat mates have covered the kitchen with tinsel and self-cut snowflakes on the windows. We are so organised that we have had our Christmas tree up since the end of November. I’ve heard a least one Christmas song every day since.

I took to Pinterest to see what Christmas interior inspiration I could find. Here are some of my favourites:


  1. The mini tree- every flat or studio needs to get a mini christmas tree and all you need to do is add some pretty fairylights and you instantly have that festive feel. Of course it doesn’t have to be real, there are plenty of cute little plastic trees in artificial colours that would look perfect.


  2.  The snow globe: ever since I was little my mum has had kept a tradition of buying me a snow globe each Christmas. Each are silver with different seasonal themes, a reindeer, a Christmas tree, a sleigh, who knows what this years will be? One Christmas I hope to visit New York and see it in it’s festive glory, maybe i’ll get a snow globe as a souvenir.


  3. Christmas countdown- I love the anticipation leading up to the big day, there is nothing I look forward to more than a huge Christmas dinner and precious time with family. Advent calendars are a nice way of keeping track of the build up, if you don’t cheat and stick to each day! My brother’s chocolates would all be gone within the first couple of days.

    4. Fairy lights: twinkling lights hanging from door frames and fireplaces always set a cosy tone, especially during this time of year. Christmas lights aren’t just for the front of the house anymore, they can go all throughout your home. They often look pretty entwined with other decorations.

    5. Unique tree decorations- Instead of buying bulk baubles which look like everyone else’s, I like the idea of buying individual tree decorations to add more character. Hand-crafted wooden decorations seem to be popular this year and there are many cute ideas on Etsy and These that I found on Pinterest have some of my favourite christmas lyrics engraved into them.


    6. Cute candles- I really tall traditional candles displayed on fireplaces or dinner tables at Christmas and their soft warm glow. It sets a christmassy mood and can help you relax after all that stuffing your face you’ll be doing over the holidays. I know most accommodation don’t allow candles, but when you’re back home, light those wicks to your hearts content.

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    7. Handmade wreaths- Our very own Fashion Editor, Beth Bowman, recently participated in a wreath worskshop at HiCacti in Brighton. Read more about it here. I think creating your own wreathe is such a cool idea and something to keep you busy, besides uni work, leading up to Christmas. If you’re not a crafty person, there are plenty of pretty wreathes on the high street to help decorate your doors.

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By Ella Bowers

Print Journalism BA

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