GIG REVIEW: Slaves Live At Rock City

Slaves At Rock City
Slaves At Rock City

Who said punk is dead? Slaves are all about that raw punk sound, stripped back and yet mesmerizing bringing a refreshing sound to everyone’s ears.

Having been a Slaves fan for a few years, when I had the opportunity to review the two-piece punk band from Oxford. I had to jump on this chance to witness a show never to be forgotten, with thrashing guitar chords, banging drums and energy filled performances it was bound to be a show which would leave me filled with awe.

As they burst onto the stage with more energy than a rampant chipmunk, the crowd’s excitement and energy surges, Slaves really pulled it out of the bag that evening. Playing to a very sweaty and hyped up Nottingham crowd, this sold-out show was everything I have come to expect from a Slaves’ gig. Head banging performances, rhythmic loud beating guitar chords and an atmosphere full of excitement and angst.



This two-piece (that’s right not a duo!) Comprising of just drums and a guitar got the crowd moving from the first song till the last… Is it punk? Is it pop? Who cares! the age range and demographic of this show could speak for itself. People from all walks of life, from 14 to 69 everyone’s faces was lit up, bouncing, sweat and beer flying everywhere it’d be hard for anyone to be in the crowd and not move to the music.

Blasting out crowd favorites such as “Sockets”, “Where’s your car Debbie” and “Feed The Manteray”. Isaac and Laurie put on a great show, coupled with the crowd chants of “Where’s your high hat?” The band completed the set with the well-known single “The Hunter”.

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