Cirque du Soleil presents : Varekai

thumbnail_14219_v1h1-11723_ORIGINALAs Camilla Alves once said ‘We’re like a travelling circus… We’re always on the go’. Being a student can get hectic especially at this time, what with all the deadlines and exams sometimes we need to take a breather… an escape of some sort.

So Gather round and try a different kind of cirque. Far from our beloved student nightlife lets take a gander around the world renown Cirque Du Soleil. With shows in Las Vegas, Orlando and its base being at Quebec, Cirque began as a group of street performers who now boss over a thousand of employees in 50 different tremendous countries.

Dare to trek to the Motor point arena this season as Cirque Du Soleil presents to you Varekai. Not only phonetically enchanting for the winter lips as it wonderfully translates: ‘wherever’;a true epitome of the lost nomadic soul.

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Set in gloomy hidden forest, Varekai is a breath taking world of epic adventure. Lurking on the stage are magnificently costumed dancers, creating magical forms, distorted into aesthetic pleasure all for our hungry eyes to feast. Varekai tells a tale reminiscent of young Icarus as we are led by a solitary figure, who fallen from the sky, blissfully escapes to enchantment.

Baton twirling, flying acrobats, Russian swings, illusions, muscly performers , mid air synchronising, and stunning circus tricks, this is one party you cannot miss.

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