Louis Vuitton X Supreme


Debuting at Paris Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton and Supreme stepped out together for the first time. The coveted labels have merged, fusing together high fashion with streetwear. Tapping into streetwear and pop culture seems to be crucial for fashion labels at the moment in order to make a statement, and get headlines in the press. Part of an official statement reads; ‘this is more than a collaboration between two labels, this represents the excellence of New York street style and the Louis Vuitton’s French savoir-faire’ (the ability to be adaptable). The coming together of two strongly contrasting brands has made for an interesting & unique collaboration.

The capsule collection contains a large range of co-branded bags, backpacks, hats, scarves, sunglasses, skateboard decks, shoes, to name but a few. Commented on by many as having a ‘Pop art feeling’, the collaboration highlights the bold characteristics of both brands. The Supreme red fuses unexpectedly with the classic LV logo, producing a collection that walks the line between streetwear & high fashion.

The line is rumoured on drop mid July, so keep your eyes peeled; I have no doubt that this collection will be fast to sell out, so be ready if you want a piece of the collection. However, remember the price tags will reflect Louis Vuitton pricings, so you may want to start saving!

By Emma Mitchell

BA Fashion Marketing and Branding

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