Track Review: Kevin Garratt- Stranglehold

Track Review: Kevin Garratt- Stranglehold

Pennsylvanian singer-songwriter Kevin Garrett has had nothing but a successful 2016, with support coming from the likes of Katy Perry, Sam Smith and Alessia Cara. As well as earning the opportunity to co-produce/co-write “Pray You Catch Me” which was the opening track to Beyonce’s album Lemonade. There is obviously something that is captivating by this artist and his latest single definitely still has that mesmerising effect in which you see with his other tracks .


Stranglehold which is an Electro-soul infused track produced by Felix Joseph who has worked with the likes of Birdy and Kwabs, starts off with Garratt’s melancholic vocals in which he expresses “you think the ball is in your court, I threw it out days before” although this track may be about a feeling of frustration and confinement , there is still an element of comfort and peacefulness which is manifested in Garratt’s raw and euphonious vocals. Garratt creates an element of bitter sweetness which is captured poetically in the song  “she knows me more than I’ll admit, within my mask is paper thin”. 

Garratt masters the art of being able to create tear jerking, raw and vulnerable lyrics with a soulful vocal which is then placed alongside a multi-layered down beat electronic instrumental with catchy melodies.



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    His name is spelled Kevin Garrett, I suggest you edit the article so it’s actually correct