Valentine’s Makeup Mood Boards

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If you’re looking for some beauty inspiration for Valentine’s day then you need look no further. I have put together some mood boards, using Tumblr, that sum up three completely different looks for your date night. There is a mixture of high-fashion and ordinary makeup, so take some tips from both. You’re bound to find something to fit in with your outfit as well as to convey your personality.

The first mood board is mysterious; dark smokey eyes, bold brows, a striking rouge lip and a lot of bone structure definition. This will definitely make a statement on any date.

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The second mood board is a lot more sweet and subtle; your girl-next-door type of look. With dusky, baby pink tones, matte eye-shadow and and all round natural feel. The bonus is that it requires little effort!

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The final mood board adds some sun-kissed colour to your miserable February. This look involves a natural or nude lip and golden shimmery eye-shadow, along with lots of bronzer and highlighter, although don’t go too OTT!

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There are plenty of tutorials on independent blogs and on youtube. One that has caught my eye is Kay Ludlow’s ‘VALENTINES DAY MAKE UP TUTORIAL | USING THE VIOLET VOSS HG PALETTE’, go check it out for some more inspo as well as application tips!

Happy V-day everyone! If you’re feeling low about not having a date, remember you always have your girls!

By Ella Bowers

Print Journalism BA

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