International Women’s day: a celebration or a political mockery?

International-Womens-Day1Today across the globe millions of people will be recognising International Women’s day.

For centuries women across the world have campaigned tirelessly for equal rights, from the suffragettes to as recent as the women’s marches taking place across the world, yet we only get ONE day a year of recognition?

Now you’re probably just thinking ‘oh here we go another moaning feminist still finding things to complain about on the day we celebrate women’. Well yeah, I am and that right there is the problem: women get ONE day a year to celebrate their rights. I mean hey how awesome is it that women around the world are recognised and celebrated for their achievements ONE day a year?! There are some truly inspirational women who have done so much to help make equality happen… but they only get ONE day in the annual calendar to be recognised? Just 24 hours to celebrate their hard work and achievements? I’ll give you a couple of examples of some true heroes: Women like Miriam Makeba, who was a UN goodwill ambassador and civil rights activist or Ida B. Wells, who was an African-American Journalist, feminist, suffragist and civil rights activist. The list of inspirational women goes on and on and on and we are expected to celebrate them only once a year?

Equal rights between men and women is the focal point for international women’s day and on this day millions of women and little girls across the world will be told that today is all about them. Today is their day. Today is the day they can make a difference. Not any other day, only today and this is a real issue. Today is only day that politicians will also recognise the importance of female struggles, but again not any other day, only today. Why only today? Why not every day? Is this all a mockery?

The campaign theme this year is #BeBoldForChange but campaigning for equal rights between men and women is not a change, it is something that has been happening for years. The idea that women are supposed to come together for this day and this day only baffles me slightly because we should be focused on making EVERYDAY not just ONE day dedicated to those who have put themselves through battles of will, strength and courage.

Of course, all the achievements women have should be celebrated and of course we should all look at how equality between men and women has evolved, however, why only on this day? ONE day to commemorate the struggle for women’s rights seems a bit insulting really. Demonstrations, like the ones that will occur globally today, have occurred for decades in order to improve and gain more rights, like the right to vote for example.

Some campaigners have made the ultimate sacrifice to allow women to be where they are today and the campaign journey does not stop today. It will continue, so what I’m asking is this: if the campaigning for better female rights is still ongoing and has been ongoing for decades then why are we only giving these amazing and inspiring women ONE day a year to be recognised for all that they have achieved?

So yes, we should celebrate all that women have achieved and I wish you all a happy International Women’s day, even though we should be celebrating these achievements way more than only ONCE a year.


By Larah Yearwood

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