Lewis Watson @ The Bodega 3.4.17

Last night we headed down to Bodega to see Lewis Watson play the last date of the UK tour for his new album, Midnight. Released late last month, the new album sees Watson explore a stronger sound, which was translated seamlessly into the live show.

Playing tracks from the new album with a full band brought a newfound strength to the music, helping to create a perfectly atmospheric show. These moments contrasted seamlessly with performances of tracks from Watson’s first album & previous EP’s – reintroducing Nothing from It’s got four sad songs on btw into the set took us back to the early days of his music, with a primary focus on the vocal. Castle Street from his debut album The Morning provided a perfect bridge between new & old material. Last nights duet with the bands new keys player Julie Thorp was our personal highlight from last nights show – stepping away from the mics created a beautifully intimate performance.

It was clear how supportive the crowd were of the music & of Lewis Watson as an artist. Remaining perfectly attentive during quieter moments, whilst being more than happy to provide harmonies during the louder moments, the atmosphere created by both the music & the crowd was enough to take you back to the days of spending each weekend at a different acoustic gig. It was interesting to see the range in ages of the crowd, perfectly illustrating that Watson’s music is accessible not just to those in their teens & twenties. Giving explanations of each songs narrative throughout the night, Watson was able to show just how much he appreciated the crowds continuous support.

To end the show, Lewis came into the crowd to give an intimate, acoustic performance of Made Up Love Song #43 from the Four More Songs EP, which was a perfect end to the set. If you ever have the opportunity to see Lewis Watson play live, be it at a festival or solo gig, we would highly recommend it!

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By Beth Bowman

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