Nottingham Varisty Series: The Boat Race – Preview


The 11am on 10th of May sees the return of the Nottingham Boat Race as part of Varsity 2017, an event inspired by the annual boat race between Oxford and Cambridge University

Last year Nottingham Trent unfortunately lost to Uni of Nottingham in the first ever Official Varsity Boat Race. However, since last year’s inaugural race, the crews have been bulking up and preparing to hopefully blow UoN out of the water this year, with the first race beginning at 11am on the Wednesday morning.

Each team will consist of eight rowers, and a cox, who coordinates the rowing strokes, power and rhythm of the other rowers.

Each race is a high octane one kilometre sprint down the river Trent, beginning at Wilford suspension Bridge and finishing at Lady Bay Bridge.

There will be two races on the day, one for the women’s eight and one for the men’s eight, with much anticipation for both, including live broadcasts via Trent TV on YouTube as well as large and eager crowds.

So how did Trent stack up last year?

The women’s reserve team took the helm with the first race last year; the finish line was located just before Lady Bay Bridge suspended above the river, and UoN passed it but a few seconds ahead of Trent, with a winning time of 03:23.40, and Trent finishing in a time of 03:28.56.

Last year, the women’s Varsity team from UoN were unforgiving; rowing into a comfortable victory against Trent. Uni of Nottingham finished at strong 3:00.60, whilst Trent came in with a time of 03:19.90, 19 seconds slower, and noticeable gap behind.


Shortly afterwards, the men’s reserve team took to the waters, only to lose to UoN as well – with less than two seconds separating the two boats, UoN glided into pole position with a time of 02:53.90. Trent trailed behind with a time of 02:55.20.

The final, and headline, race (Men’s Varsity) was absolutely phenomenal last year, with both boats cut through the water of the finish line at what looked to be the same time.

Confusion and tension filled the air, as the results of the final race were debated upon.

Uni of Nottingham finished just a mere 25 milliseconds ahead of Trent. With an absurdly fast time of 02:29.70 – Trent finishing with a time of 02:29.95.


Last year was an immense success and with huge crowds and booming music, the support for both sides could not have been better. To watch Trent and UoN’s skirmish down river, the crowds will be gathering at Britannia Boathouse before 11am on Wednesday 10th of May. We recommend watching from the stepped embankment, located next to Trent Bridge, to get the best view. We’ll be there along with you to see if our rowers have what it takes to defeat UoN this year. Come on down to find out!


By Joe Locker.

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