Marketing Strategies: Snapchat part one

50% of Marketers are planning to invest more in social media a medium which not only provides high ROI but also measurability. The touchpoint with which you meet your customers, must match the generational spiral into the digital world.
Here are the stats for 2015
  • twitter uses hit 320 million
  • Linked in users hit 380 million social-media-e-commerce
  • Facebook users  hit 1.5 billion.
  •  Plus, Instagram users at hit 400 million



There is no doubt, that employing social media into your marketing strategy, would improve your customer engagement especially as 19 out of 20 social media softwares report a positive ROI.


Not included in those stats is Snapchat -the baby of social media platforms, one that operates primarily on your mobile. This is useful as, on average mobile consumers look at their phones 1, 500 times a week and 177 minutes each day.


Snapchat rakes in 7 billion video views per day, if we are to attract the mobile consumer’s attention we must ride the tide of the digital age. Staying ahead of the game is important, not just in business but within the internal model of the app itself.
The app allows you to send snaps to your users privately and publicly  however, these snaps- if sent directly only last ten seconds before they are destroyed permanently. On story mode however, these can last up to 24 hours. This calls for a push in creating innovative, fast paced content : a motto for the desires of the Z-generation and millennial generation.

So how do you set up your first Snap chat video?

The best part about snap chat is its undefeatable simplicity in creating a video. Gone are the hours spent editing videos and getting expensive equipment- all you need is your iPhone. Follow our step-by-step guide, to get you started on the snapchat hype.
To begin,  enter your email, pick a username and say hello to your new snapchat account.
Once you have your account going, you can now add some snaps.
Snapchat allows you to use fun filters both before and after the photo is taken.
Add stickers and funny captions to keep your audience engaged.Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 01.56.11
  • To make a video simply hold down the same button(you can add filters and stickers to these too).
    If you are worried about appearing a little ‘rough’ on snapchat, do not worry as it is the whole point: the uncut version of yourself and your brand is what drives snapchat forward.It is about that instant connection with your audience and giving them real-time experiences.