Marketing strategies: Snapchat part two

Marketing strategies: Snapchat part two

Now that we have given you some background information on Snapchat and how to get your account going-we are now going to discuss the marketing options  available to you with this particular app.

First let’s discuss demographic; snapchat users are fairly young, some users as young as thirteen. However, with the newest users of snapchat being twenty-five years old and over , the app is growing. Staying ahead of the game is important and snapchat is the social media platform taking the digital age by storm.


Snapchat is a multi faceted app: Its features move so rapidly it can be difficult to keep up with. One of the major updates tracked is the introduction of the discover page, it allows users to discover news, events and hot topics. This format works to keep the audience engaged by using clickbait tailgates to lead them to fresh material as well as incorporating, updated news and educationally stimulating content.Large companies such as Cosmopolitan and Vice were the first to take advantage of this.

-They also operate like all snaps within a 24 hour timeframe before it is gone forever. Expect to see content from Mtv, National geographic, comedy central, Sky news and Buzzfeed.

– Whilst the time limit on your stories is ten seconds this can be altered with their new update which allows you to post content infinetley.


A great way to market your brand and company on a wide scale medium, is through advertisements. Advertisements appear as short burst across the app and reach up to a whooping 40 million viewers. Not surprising as snapchat gets 7 billion video views per day with an estimated 200 million active users.

This work’s well for events such as the festival, Coachella who urged their fans to send in 10 second snaps of the day to their story which was viewed by 40 million users. They included geo filters for the event to not only signal their location within the festival but also which act they were currently seeing. A thing to consider about using Snapchat for advertisements is the price- expect to pay around £20,000 for this service. If that is a little under your budget, do not worry as there are other options.

You can always build up your own snapchat following, take a look at producer/rapper Dj Khalid who is a key figure and influencer within the snapchat world. His Snapchats are aimed at the Z generation who hold little regard for perfection and detail: his message is to overcome your imperfections.

-Snapchat is a tool, which humanizes your brand to your audience and provides a great way for them to see the ‘backstage’ action of your company or brand and the production behind it.



Another way to engage your audience is by incoporating offers and coupons into your snapchat story. The story function allows you to share short bursts of pictures of videos in a sequential order, one which manipulated can create content which plays on snapchats urgency.

58% of college students would be likely to purchase a brand’s product or service if they were sent a coupon on snapchat.

A key marketing strategy for snapchat however is reaching out to an influencer. An influencer can be someone like Dj Khalid who recently did an advertisement with silk following his snapchat success.

There are many influencers for snapchat the key is to find the right influencer for your brand company, these are usually Youtubers and Instagrammers who have led their customers to their snapchat accounts from their initial ‘home’ base.

these influencers employ a casual style of marketing as snapchat is a laidback platform so the  approach must be executed covertly. Your influencer must match your brand’s values in order for your audience to stay engaged and to organically be influenced by your company and brand.

With an estimated 24.2 million of brand sponsored influencer post growth in 2018, influencer’s are on the rise within social media, especially within apps like Instagram. This infographic shown on shows a rapid growth in this method of marketing.



Unlike twitter, instagram and other social media platforms, snapchat give an analytics feauture, you can however, see who views and screenshots your stories as they go up.This is a useful tool to measure the moment in which your customer engagement drops, particularly in your  story sequences.

Whilst snapchat may not reach your demographic, its features have inspired platforms such as Facebook and Instagram who have now emulated their story features and use of the filters instantly to their audienceThis demographic is expanding with the digital age, be ahead of the game and get snapchat savvy.

Nyasha Mero