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Who’s Laughing Now?

We explore why games haven’t fully embraced the school of laughter. We all love to laugh. Be it Basil Fawlty’s hilariously outrageous comments causing…

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Baiyon on LittleBigPlanet 2

Imaginative graphic artist, music producer and DJ, Baiyon, talks about LittleBigPlanet 2’s music creation tools. It brought platform level creation to the masses, and…

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Review: The 3rd Birthday

It’s difficult to feel any sympathy when a game keeps pushing you away Format: PSP Dev: HexaDrive / Square Enix Pub: Square Enix Out:…

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Review: Yoostar 2

It won’t start you on the path to acting greatness, but it will leave you royally embarrassed by what a technical tragedy it is…

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Review: Patapon 3

Rhythmic fun that still refuses to show you the ropes Format: PSP Dev: Pyramid / SCE Japan Studio Pub: Sony Out: 15/04/11 Players: 1-8,…

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Interview: Bob & Barn

The award-winning musical duo behind MediEvil, Primal and Brink speak to Platform about sound and music in games. Music adds an unmistakable gravity to…

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